The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea

The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea

At Thievery, we’re not just about the alcoholic beverages. After a delicious meal we believe it’s important to sip on something to relax and aid digestion. We have partnered with The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar to bring you some of Sydney’s finest artisanal teas to enjoy. Together, we share the same philosophy of innovation, attention to detail and quality offering.

From its popularity starting during the Shang Dynasty in China thousands of years ago, it became particularly prominent in the Middle East where merchants along the spice routes would brew tea before discussing their trade. The practice of tea as a process of business exchange is still a custom that’s used in some parts of the world today.

Whether you’re drinking green tea, oolong, black or white tea, these are all made from the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The type of tea depends on the level of oxidation of the leaves and has a significant effect on the flavour. Green teas and white teas are only slightly oxidised, and as a result are fresher and lighter in taste, whilst oolong or black teas are bolder and richer due to the higher levels of oxidation.

We have 4 unique tea offerings at Thievery from The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar. If you’re after something spicy and warming to combat this colder weather, try the Ginger Snap herbal tea (ginger, cinnamon and honeybush). For a lighter aromatic tea with a beautiful creamy texture, try the White Delight (cacao nibs, white tea, freeze-dried raspberries and coconut. Alternatively we also have two refreshing teas that include the Minty Marrakesh and Turkish Delight that’ll keep you nice and cosy.

Book a table now and experience the our unique heart-warming teas this winter from The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar this winter!

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