Big Daddy Kane Concert Review Sydney 2015

Review – Big Daddy Kane Concert

“I get physical, mystical, very artistical…Giving party people something funky to listen to.”

From Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn to Australia – legendary Big Daddy Kane has just visited our fair shores! On his first visit to Australia, the hip-hop icon – still one of the sharpest rappers in the game – brought his inimitable baritone and smooth flow to The Oxford Art Factory in Sydney on December 13.

One of the titans of hip-hop’s golden age, BDK has had an astonishing career. He went from “raw” rap king to “Smooth Operator” R&B star, he even did “ladies only” shows. A known showman – with sharp suits and a high top fade – Kane put pressure on rappers to step their style up.

He became a fashion icon, even appearing in the Madonna Sex book, half nude with Madonna and Naomi Campbell. But whilst his playa style caught him some attention, he could always back it up on stage. He always catches the time and spirit, he’s fun and he’s funny. And this concert was no exception. He had the crowd rocking from the moment he half-stepped onto the stage, he did a shout out to all his fallen homies and showed that even at 47 years old he still had flow to rival the best in the business.

Truly, this was a moment in hip hop history in Australia, and if you missed out, sorry, but there’s a taste for you in the video above.

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