New Flavour Packed Menu 2018

New Flavour Packed Menu 2018

At Thievery we’re always shaking up the middle eastern dining experience! We’re delighted to announce our New flavour packed menu (for 2018).

Our new menu comprises of creativity, tastes and aromas with dishes like The Sheesh Barak, a play on middle eastern dumplings derived from a unique Levantine lentil and lemon soup. The dish uses biased greens cooked out with onions for a natural sweetness and a broth impacted by aromas from the braised greens. It also has shanklish cheese, a hung yoghurt cheese rolled in fragrant thyme, mint and chilli. The combination of flavours and the tasty broth is to absolutely die for.

Another addition is our Lamb Kafta Pancake, derived from a classic Chinese shallot pancake we hand roll the dough and fill it with our own spiced lamb Kafta filling. Cooked in wagyu fat dressed with classic sumac onions and a side of sheep’s milk yoghurt. This dish is served with crispy flakes to compliment the acidic onion slathered in yoghurt. Check out the new menu here now. 

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