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Since opening almost two years ago, most of our cocktails, much like our dishes at Thievery have been influenced by a combination of Middle Eastern flavours and reinterpretations of classics, an ethos that continues to be explored in our exciting new cocktail offering.

Generally when creating delicious new cocktails, we first come up with something tasty then think of a name that reflects the drink. Occasionally, however, a name precedes the method, which was the case with one of the bespoke beverages on our new list: The Notorious F.I.G.

Esprit Fig Liqueur forms the base of this delicate, fluffy, and tasty drink. Stoli Vodka and Morello Cherry Liqueur add some complexity whilst fresh lemon juice and orange blossom water elevate the flavours. Further shaken with egg whites, it’s given a silky texture and a beautiful foam. A mixture of sweet, sour, and floral, this cocktail isn’t based on a classic but inspired by simple complementary flavours.

Another notable addition is our L.L. Cold Drip, a twist on the classic espresso martini. However, instead of espresso we use cold drip coffee with Stolen Smoked Rum, Kahlua, cacao, and Lebanese spices. Similarly, our NWA: Negronis With Apricot, is based on a traditional negroni but made with our own house infused apricot Lillet Blanc alongside Campari and Hayman’s Sloe Gin. The Wardah Safra Martini comparably, is a floral tasting recreation of a vodka martini with Stoli Elit Vodka, St Germaine, Dom Benedictine, Dolin Dry Vermouth, and rosewater. Finally, for those looking for a non-alcoholic option, we have Sage Advice, a refreshing mocktail, created with pineapple, sage, black walnut bitters and lemon.

Come on down to Thievery to experience our new cocktails, and order one (or two) at the bar! Make a reservation via our website here.

The Notorious F.I.G.THE NOTORIOUS F.I.G.esprit fig liqueur, stoli vodka, morello cherry liqueur, lemon, orange blossom

LL Cold DripLL COLD DRIPstolen smoked rum, kahlua, creme de cacao, cold drip coffee, cardamom

N.W.A. - Negronis with ApricotNWA – NEGRONIS WITH APRICOTcampari, haymans sloe gin, apricot-infused lillet blanc

Sage AdviceSAGE ADVICE (MOCKTAIL)pineapple, sage, black walnut bitters, lemon

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