For 4 weeks, Thievery will once again be transformed into a Middle Eastern Yum Cha restaurant taking customers on a fictional food journey through the Middle East and Asia. 

Inspired by his travels through Asia, executive chef Julian Cincotta will be replacing the current contemporary Middle Eastern menu at Thievery with a menu drawing on flavours and forms from the infamous Yum Cha. Prepare to be seduced by an explosion of flavours from the Middle East and China. This is Yum Cha, but not as you know it. 

The Dim Sum menu is a beautiful balance of two different parts of the world. Inspired by the traditional Chinese Dim Sum offering and incorporating unique flavours and spices from all over the Middle East.  

Some standout dishes include the Baba Ganoush Dumplings (yes, it’s our famous Baba in a dumpling!!), Lebanese Prawn Toast with Zhoug (a fermented chili sauce from Yemen) & Sumac (a sweet and sour berry spice from the Middle East), CFC (Chinese Fried Chicken) with Ginger & Shallots and Twice Cooked Ras El Hanout Duck with Carob, Ginger & Caramel. 

Julian’s personal favourite is the Pan Fried ‘Milly Hill’ Lamb Kafta Manti with sheep yoghurt & lebanese xo, his take on the Chinese crispy pot-sticker dumplings. Manti is a type of dumpling from the Middle East, often called Turkish “Ravioli”. Dessert options include a Mango Ice-cream Pancake and Steamed Cantonese Za‘atar Cake that resembles a classic sticky date pudding, but with added Za’atar spice

Thievery’s Middle Eastern weekend brunch is also getting a makeover for the month. Julian has created a small but excellent Yum Cha inspired brunch menu, including dishes like the Middle Eastern Spiced Breakfast Congee with house-made Sujuk (a spicy sausage originating from the Middle East and Balkan), Fried Egg & Crispy Bread and a fluffy Mango Pancake with Mango & Molasses.

The literal translation of Yum Cha meaning to ‘drink tea’ has not been overlooked. Along with the Dim Sum menu, we have created a unique selection of cocktails like the Hennessy Green Tea Mojito, served in a large teapot and to be shared with good friends, a Lychee Margarita (put this one on your must-drink-list) and a Hennessy Bubble Milk Tea. 

Thievery’s popular ‘Bottomless’ Brunch offering will continue throughout the Yum Cha takeover. Add free-flowing ‘Bottomless’ Green Tea Sangria for $32 pp, for a 90-minutes duration. 

We will be offering a la carte or feast set-menu for $58 pp, which includes a shared selection of our 9 favorite Yum Cha dishes (vegetarian option $52 pp) during dinner. Weekend brunch will have a small a la carte selection of dishes. During lunch the feasting menu will be 7 courses for $40 pp (with the option of adding our ‘bottomless’ brunch package). 

Please note Thievery’s usual brunch, lunch or dinner menu will not be available during the Middle Eastern Yum Cha month.

Thievery’s Middle Eastern Yum Cha will run from 9th of October – 22nd of December. Bookings are essential.

Prawn Toast, Baba Ganoush Dumplings, Scallop Sui Mai
Brunch: Mango Pancakes with mango & molasses
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