International Hummus Day Thievery Glebe

International Hummus Day

Whilst we’re typically known for our lying, cheating and stealing, this month we celebrated #InternationalHummusDay by giving instead of taking. In doing so, we leaked our top-secret hummus recipe to anyone who’d selfishly keep it to themselves. 90% of them did, 10% of them didn’t (we love a rule-breaker).

Thievery Top Secret Hummus Recipe

5 Ways to Enjoy Hummus…

– Spread it over flatbread = pizza
– Mix with avocado, black beans and salsa = dip
– Toss it into pasta dish = dressing
– Fill hollowed bell peppers = filling
– Make a booking and eat it at Thievery = brilliant

However you enjoy your hummus, make sure you enjoy it today! And pour out a little hummus to all the fallen flatbreads.