How to make Thievery’s Arak the House Cocktail

How to make Thievery’s Arak the House Cocktail

Arak – a traditional Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern spirit and favourite at Thievery. Made from grapes and aniseed it is as delicious straight as it is in a cocktail. With a distinct aniseed flavour it is guaranteed to be a talking point when served.

It is the perfect mix of strong sharp aroma meets a refreshing subtle sweetness from the liquorice and that how-interesting-but-can’t-figure-it-out ingredient. A great conversation starter and oh did we mention, it is absolutely delicious!



30ml Elit Arak (or any Arak you can find)

30ml Creme de Griotte

Half squeezed lime

6-8 mint leaves

2 dashes Plum Bitters



Shake, strain and serve in a rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a mint sprig and a whole star anise.


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