By now, you have probably heard, seen, read, written and eaten a lot of Thievery’s signature burnt butter hummus. Some have claimed it to be the best in the world.  We thought it could not get any better, but our Executive Chef Julian Cincotta decided to drizzle his handmade hummus with some house-made truffle butter, proving that truffles and Middle Eastern cuisine are a match made in heaven.

Julian has sourced the truffles from Manjimup Truffle Farm in Manjimup, WA and has also created a small but flavour packed selection of truffle dishes on the menu.

To accompany the truffle butter hummus, Julian could not go past the classic combination of truffle and steak, using T-bone from Yamba in north NSW, with agrodolce and shaved WA truffle cooked in truffle butter. Other stand out dishes include the Aphrodite Haloumi with shaved truffle and a ‘Failed’ Fig Cheesecake with shaved truffle.

To compliment the truffle menu we have also created three truffle inspired cocktails (we think this might be an Australian first) including a Truffle Butter Warmer which is guaranteed to warm you up on a frosty evening in July (Kraken rum, brown sugar, spiced truffle butter), a Peanut Truffle Flip (Hennessy, peanut butter, truffle oil, spices) and a sweet truffle honey addition to our signature Baby Got Baklava cocktail (Maker’s Mark bourbon, amaretto, pistachio, truffle honey, lemon).

The Thievery Truffle Menu and Cocktails will be running for the month of July. Reservations are not essential but recommended.

Peanut Truffle Flip: Hennessy, peanut butter, truffle oil, spice, whole egg.

Truffle Warm Butter: Kraken rum, brown sugar, spiced truffle butter.

Fun fact: the Manjimup truffle farm in WA was started by shipping live oak trees from France to Australia in order for the truffles to start growing.

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